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Heyo VIT Fam✊

Just in case you haven't seen yet, our beloved @candi is in a contest to win ManyVids Social Media Influencer of the year and I wanted to reach out to the community for support.

In her recent post here you can find all of the info you'll need. Voting is completely free, you'll just have to start a free account there, though there's a paid option as well.

Voting ends on Jan 19th, so let's get her up to #1! As of posting, she's currently in 10th place in a very stiff competition. You have one free vote per day, so be sure to go back each day up until then!

Just to give you all a little incentive, if you post a screenshot of your vote in the comments I'll give it a 100% upvote. There's an option to tweet your vote after as well, so if you comment the link to your tweet, I'll give that one a 100% upvote as well.

If you want to go straight to the voting page, you can do so here:


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