VIT Roadmap and News Announcement – January 18, 2019, by VITCEO Stuart Duncan

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Hello to our VIT community and welcome to all our new members who recently joined.

Well, last week was a strange week. It started with the announcement we would be releasing news today concerning our roadmap and work update for the community - and then came the news Cryptopia had been hacked. This caused many to panic, but I am confident that Cryptopia will survive, and that the hack will be reversed and the exchange will survive.

Concerning the hack, I subsequently made an announcement that I will work with all afflicted parties to assure that if Cryptopia does not return hacked tokens to token holders, I will work with Cryptopia and the affected parties to make sure no one who had VIT stored on Cryptopia incurs any losses. We have enough trouble in the crypto-community.

This will be for those affected only by the Cryptopia hack. I am waiting for official word from Cryptopia on the status of the more than 4.3 million tokens taken from their exchange. I would caution all people using exchanges not to leave tokens on any exchange, but instead store them on an offline wallet - but enough of that, you all know better.

Please don’t contact me if you lost your keys or wallet, etc. This is only concerns the Cryptopia hack and only for proven losses after Cryptopia responds to you. We will expect to be given the original copies of reports from Cryptopia to you so we can indeed verify if losses are legitimate.

Next, to update you on work in progress, what follows is some information and some upcoming dates for you to note (they will be added in due course to the existing roadmap online). You can continue to monitor the VIT Global Community on telegram for updates as well. Vice Industry Token is no longer the primary telegram chat as some viewers only have access to mobile devices and can no longer view the Vice Industry token chat. People should be using VIT Global Community on Telegram for official announcements.

Working on power down. Powering down will be added to and available on all sites by the first week of February. This will enable people to have more flexibility regarding their personal use of their tokens.

VIT is more than just a token to be used on porn sites and work continues on the mainstream side of VIT. In furtherance of VIT initial business goals and the collective desire for midstream and mainstream media acceptance, VIT will continue to develop and soon launch new exchange and swap mechanisms for the benefit of our members to encompass and embrace all aspects of our VIT token including information on new exchange or swap mechanisms that increases the usefulness and swapability of VIT. These announcements will be made in late February as agreements are just being signed and the scope of work in some cases is not completely defined.

Sign-ups have been a source of discussion and contention. Signups will be free starting the first week of February.

Storage is a concern of the project and storage of video content that is not searched or viewed or not popular is a concern. The team is working on a solution to alleviate storage concerns that may or may not be apparent or ever really noticeable to VIT users. This remains a constant concern of the project and as we get an education from working with large tube site partners – which brings me to my last note in today’s release.

Tube8 implementation has been a paramount concern of the team, and although we got off to a slow start, Tube 8 is proceeding albeit slower than anticipated. We have had delays from tube8. We have had delays, not only because of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays at Tube 8, but also now Tube8 is running behind schedule as their staff have started to take winter holidays as well through late January and February.

I have met and discussed the time lines many times with our team and although Tube8 had indicated Jan 29 as the release date, I reviewed the scope of work with the team and advisory and also discussed the same with Tube8 and am moving the actual release date of a tested stable VIT implementation on Tube8 to March 5. This will hold if nothing fails, the scope of work does not change and no further functionality is inserted into the development cycle.

It is very important as we hit our first mass adoption with Tube8 that we don’t fumble our launch. Our future success depends on not only being cautious in our implementation but in being realistic with our milestones to confidently launch successfully into a universe with more transactions in a day than most large platforms like Steem have in a month.

Thank you to all of you who are support VIT and our amazing community of platforms and users. I am especially proud of our witness community and the masterful experience they bring to our project and unselfish service they provide to the VIT community. I am also very appreciative for the help of the many people working on developing new platforms, those that help the community, help protect it and nurture it and especially to our social messaging and community.

VIT has actually come a long way from where it was this time last year. Last year VIT had a dream to make a platform that rewarded users for viewing content. Remember Get Paid To Watch Porn™? VIT did it! VIT stands behind that trademark and all its other marks. VIT delivered on its platform with the help of many people and I thank all – all - who participated.

VIT, with the help of many, has done what a lot of other crypto communities have not delivered on, which is deliver a viable working crypto-content viewing platform. Indeed, we are now planning beyond the current sites and VIT will continue to formulate future plans to extend the roadmap far out into the future to serve the VIT community.

To those who support us I say thank you indeed and as always, I remain open to all help from our community. Thank you too to the people and community for the immense support you have given me. I appreciate it and I will continue to serve the community to the best of my ability. My goal still is to see VIT become a top 100 Crypto. It may take time but I’m confident the distance we traveled this past year that we will get there together.

Semper Fidelis

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This roadmap released by @VITCEO Stuart Duncan. And as a member of the VIT Media Team, I post here for your interest - FunWorlding (@putinass)

Thank you for this information, @putinass. I will continue to do whatever I can to contribute to this unique initiative and as soon as the signups are free I will put more energy into bringing my fans from other platforms to as well.

free registration is the biggest news no doubt.

Exciting news! Free signups will bring LOTS more users!!!


Exactly! Very exciting, indeed :)

why all people are saying "exciting news"? no, they are not!

we still can't withdraw, we already have the power down and they are telling us that will be implemented, as if it is an awesome thing.. but we already can power down.
we still have noting with tube8.
basically, what the fuck they are doing? they are just chillin and relaxing on the beach?
Now i understand all that people against them.

Exciting news, let's watch VIT team do at future

I believe in that. People stick together and then free registrations ......
Have already told a few and everyone thought it was good.
Who would not like that? :-)