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Welcome back roger. I see you have been active on explorer in various ways.
I appreciate in the past you have uploaded videos you have had tube rights for along with longjohn and so forth.
Due to the amount of Increased Piracy levels here.. It would be much appreciated if you can attribute your uploads please. Such as a link, or in this case as i expect its a 'Still' as part of a downloaded movie package. something along the lines of what Jat does please:
Giving the set Id and so forth.
It appears longjohn has not yet done it also despite such advice posted on his content.
As par of a prior anti piracy effort I'm sure you can appreciate the predicament it puts one in telling a new user to do it, when others are just putting up random pictures with no attributions either.
After a short monitoring period, such unattributed posts will be flagged for removal.
Looking forward to everyone's cooperation on this, thank you.


@redrum, as an early adopter and supporter of this site I have already proven that I own the rights to these stills and the videos that I have posted. There is evidence in the VIT discord of this legitimacy and I also have the 2257 statements to prove this ownership. Never have I had to provide attribution to these rights previously. I return after a hiatus to continue to support this platform and you are now threatening to flag my posts and have them removed from the platform. How is this going to grow this platform if you threaten early adopters who have returned to help grow this who have previously proven their ownership of content? I also note that there are many videos and content that you yourself have previously posted that has no attribution or proof of ownership either. Downvoting legally owned content using company owned stake will only continue to further damage this project.


Yes roger, I hope I made it clear from the above I have no doubt your legitimacy as mentioned.. these were 'Still's from purchased tube rights videos. All I was asking for was some Cooperation given the amount of pirate pictures and videos on the site recently. New members keep coming in and posting pics and videos. Part of that is lack of understanding of how it works here. New users seeing A-another just uploading a pic.. you and I know where it is from and its legitimacy, they don't.
Hence just was wanting your assistance.. If you refuse then It won't be flagged.. I will just naturally be disappointed given i would have thought you would have understood my position. Given the amount of piracy of late and sheer amount of time being taken.. I have been doing this free and solo for a long time I've been considering giving up doing it. Making it harder by people not attributing content is only pushing me more to this conclusion.
BTW you mention my recent uploads.. I fully attribute my work by describing where it is from and have the affiliate link to my Account with Red Light Centre affiliation centre within every uploads' description, maybe can go read it again before accusing me. Please feel free to sign up to a RLC account with it. Once again here is the affiliate link i have in every video . ViT payment gateway's first iteration will be with RLC hence was the only reason why I did it, in order to try highlight the game ahead of the ViT release, but your welcome, once again my efforts appear unappreciated. Please take a look at the videos, they are affiliate promo videos and a couple made by me to show actual in game footage and a possible usage for ViT in the future via the in game casino, its a whole lot of fun.