Real Estate Raunch Fest - Aria Lee and Trinity St Clair

in affiliate •  4 days ago

A couple days later, Trinitys client comes over to sign the papers on his new house and notices how hot Aria looks laying out at the pool. Trinity introduces the two of them, and a perfect triangle of hot sex ensues. This step mother, step daughter team sure knows how to fuck and suck!
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I should have gone into real estate....

What a lucky boy - I should buy a house there. 💯🔝😍


Oh cool. We will be neighbours 😉🤣🤣

Customer' satisfaction is important, lol.

Nice service by her. :)

Nice bonus she is giving to her customer. :))))

Exchanging sexual favors to sign deals. This seems a novel concept 🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣



Welcome to Vit inky, have a welcome upvote from me:)
If you need at all any assistance or info regarding vit feel free to join us on out telegram or discord and we can assist if you need any help on how it all works etc:)

The perks are good for him.

Wish I had a job in real estate! 💯