Case No. 8938942 - Dixie Lynn

in affiliate •  5 days ago

Case #8938942 – February 5th, 10:32 AM. Suspect is a blonde adolescent female. She identifies herself as Dixie Lynn. Although the suspect tries to hide her illicit activities by wearing a hoodie, cameras pick her up stealing items from the storefront. The Officer reviews the tape and determines that the suspect has hidden a necklace on her person. After a strip search, he discovers the necklace in her panties. The rest of this case is classified. Evidence logged on February 5, 2020.
Clip I.D:(41992) redrum
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She looks happy to get punished by that way.


She is perfection 😍😘

Another cute blonde being naughty. Spanking time ahead🍑🖐

Dixie Lynn is one hott woman

Cute babe

She should come visit my store 🙈

Best reason to catch a shop lifter! 💯

she shoplifted a nut. 🥜