Case No. 6548729 - Sadie Blake

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Case #6548729 – June 19th, 9:16 AM. Suspect is a young, adolescent female with black hair. Loss Prevention Officer IDs her as the store owners daughter right away. She is not given preferential treatment and is subject to the same procedures any perp faces after getting caught stealing. After some initial resistance, the suspect submits to a strip search. The rest of this case is classified. Evidence logged on June 19, 2019.
Clip I.D:(41992) redrum
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Searching her so deeply is such a fun. lol

Her daddy issues really was a wanking benefit for me😉💦💦👍

So sexy! He done a great job!

Cute girl - Perfect stuff

She will come back for shure 🔥🔥

Lovely body 😍

Top scene

Daddy wont be happy

I love this case.

Nice girl, really hot tattoos!!!

Wow! What a cute babe!