Case No. 4786322 - Skylar Vox

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Case #4786322 – January 22nd, 4:54 PM. Suspect is a blonde, adolescent teen. She identifies herself as Skylar Vox. She is detained after being observed stealing items from the storefront. The officer searches her purse and then conducts a strip search. The goods are retrieved from her underwear. To avoid police involvement, Skylar agrees to conduct the rest of the investigation on film. The rest of this case is classified. Evidence logged on January 22, 2020

Clip I.D:(41992) redrum
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There are more goods under her underwear... needs to be deeper search, lol.

That face screams "innocent". That hot body screams "frisk me" 😍🍑💦💦

Great content!

Nice fuck!

Great job!

nice scene.

Hot blonde babe

Oh Skylar, you are in trouble now!

That is one hot little thief...:-)